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Cambre #4 Shank Pointe Shoe

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Cambre Pointe Shoe 1128W from Capezio is a remarkable pair of pointe shoes. These pointe shoes feature a unique combination shank that allows for flexibility to the arch. There is a removable medical grade gel cushion that is on the internal edge go the platform for extra comfort. Also, there is an anti-slip microfibre lining that prevents excess sweating and blisters. 

Features of the Cambre Pointe Shoe

  • Broad inner toe box
  • Deep vamp
  • Slight u-shaped throat
  • Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring
  • Plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction
  • Bias side seam elongates the line of the foot
  • Lowered profile
  • Low sides
  • Feathered full wings for lateral support
  • Moderate-high hand-flattened crown
  • High and wide platform for easy balancing
  • Thin leather sole allows for greater contact with the floor; reduced length eliminates excess at the heel
  • 1128W: Three-quarter-skived (3/4 Shank) #4 leather board shank adds support
  • Skived ball of the foot encourages smooth roll through and articulation
  • No pleats for smooth and sleek finish
Cambre #4 Shank Pointe Shoe