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Capezio Kinesiology Tape BH1561

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Kinesiology Tape

This kinesiology style BH1561 from Bunheads supports sore muscles and ligaments with our new Kinesiology Tape. Coated with medical-grade acrylic glue, this latex-free tape is designed to reduce swelling and promote healing on common injuries such as hamstring, ankle, knee, shoulder, and other areas. Durable, yet stretchy as to not limit a dancer's range of motion.

 Features of the BH1561 Kinesiology Tape:

  • 97% Cotton + 3% Elastane coated with medical grade acrylic glue
  • Latex Free
  • Reduces swelling and promotes healing
  • Designed for common injuries to hamstring, ankle, knee, calf & shoulder
  • Will not limit range of motion
  • Stretchy yet durable material
  • 1 Roll per package  4.9 meters (16.4 feet long) 
Capezio Kinesiology Tape BH1561Capezio Kinesiology Tape BH1561Capezio Kinesiology Tape BH1561