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Hanami Pirouette

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Hanami Pirouette H064W from Capezio is an exceptional choice for lyrical shoes. This turner will help you pirouette like the pros. These Capezio lyrical shoes have a half sole design that offers the best of both worlds. They feature a four way stretch canvas and a plush elastic and silicone lined second elastic will make a secure fit. These lyrical dance shoes also include a suede sole patch, pleats and microfibre lining that give this turner a luxurious feel.

Features of the Hanami Pirouette

  • Canvas with four way stretch
  • Suede sole patches and microfibre lining
  • Flat pleats
  • One sided plush primary elastic with the Capezio logo and a secondary silicone lined elastic for a secure fit around the heel

Available in adult sizes. Recommended for lyrical, contemporary or jazz.

Hanami PirouetteCapezio Turning Shoe BlackCapezio H064 Light SuntanCapezio H064 in MochaHanami PirouetteHanami Pirouette