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  • Bloch SO109 Pointe Shoe
  • Bloch SO109 Hannah
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Hannah Pointe Shoe

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Hannah Pointe Shoe SO109 from Bloch is an exceptional lightweight pointe shoe. This pointe shoe is flexible and built for strengthening and building foot muscles. The wide yet tapered box with an optimal fit will hit all major internal contact points between the foot, shank, and box while supporting and distributing weight. These pointe shoes feature a supple insole that is designed on a curved last that will help the foot while en pointe. The cotton and elastic drawstrings as well as the harder A paste incorporated into the box that will keep your foot secure. The low profile and soft curved shank emphasizes the arch of the foot en pointe to give a beautiful, snug, and streamlined look.

Features of the Hannah Pointe Shoe

  • Intended for dancers looking to strengthen feet
  • Wide, tapered platform
  • Medium length U-shaped vamp
  • Supple insole on curved last
  • Soft curved shank
  • Cotton drawstring, elastic drawstring, harder A paste

Please note that ribbons and elastics sold separately.

Bloch SO109 Pointe ShoeBloch SO109 HannahHannah Pointe Shoe