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Raffine Pointe Shoe

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Raffine Pointe Shoe SO181L is the sister shoe to the Heritage Pointe Shoe. If You liked Heritage you will love Raffine

Enhanced Lines
Excess material has been removed from the heel and a shorter outsole has been used to allow the shoe to follow the natural line of the heel more closely while en pointe.

Long Lasting
Reinforced satin material is stronger and longer lasting than traditional satins and helps to reduce wrinkles providing an overall smoother look.

Noise Reduction
Additional layering through the pleats and platform base provides up to 8 times more insulation from noise.

Features of the Heritage Pointe Shoe

  • Reinforced Satin
  • Contoured Heel
  • Shorter outsole
  • No heel cushion
  • V shape vamp
  • Tapered Last
  • Medium Platform
  • Low Sides
  • Reinforced Arch only
Raffine Pointe ShoeRaffine Pointe Shoe